On Saturday June 25th, Ennio Morricone was awarded with a plaque in recognition of 350,000 sold tickets. The award was presented to the Maestro by concert producer GEA Live, during a sold-out open air concert in Ghent. The concert on the city square of the Belgian town was the event with which Morricone exceeded the 350,000 sold tickets mark for his arena concerts in Europe since 2014.

Maestro Morricone said:
“I am very thankful to all those that came to experience the concerts. I am first and foremost a film composer and it is overwhelming to think that this many people wanted to hear my music live in its pure form”.

Concert Producer Floris Douwes, for GEA Live commented:
“Ennio Morricone is a living legend and the first film composer to sell these numbers. It is a great privilege to present him with this award. We now begin to see a growing interest amongst concert audiences for film music as a genre in general and other composers have begun to perform their music live in large scale productions. An incredible achievement that Morricone deserves recognition for”.

Concert1_photo credit_Ignas Eeltink                 Award 1_photo credit_Hans de Greve copy


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