Ennio Morricone announces with great disappointment that he cannot conduct the concerts scheduled at Crocus City Hall in Moscow on March 21st 2016 and at the Hartwall Arena on March 23rd 2016. He currently suffers strong pains in his lower back and his doctors have advised him to take a period of eight weeks of complete rest.

The concerts scheduled later this year are not affected by this advise.

Maestro Morricone says: “I am sorry to let down my esteemed audiences in Helsinki and Moscow. If only there was the slightest chance of me going, I would have not considered canceling these concerts, but it appears that this is the only solution. I do hope that I will be able to visit Moscow and Helsinki at a later moment in time, as I was very much looking forward to going there.

I would also like to stress on the fact that I will still be conduction my concerts in Paris, Oxford and Gent as planned in May and June 2016”

At this moment the promoter and the artist are investigating the possibility to reschedule the Helsinki concert to a date in November 2016, in the event that a date is agreed upon, the tickets for the March 23rd concert will remain valid for the new concert date. The promoter and the artist are hopeful to announce a new date before original concert date March 23rd.

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